Dan DarrDan Darr is an Arlington artist who works in a very wide range of media, styles and techniques. His artwork has won major awards in juried shows, and his murals can be found in homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dan was born in Dallas, TX but grew up in Fort Worth, TX. He graduated first from Paschal High School in 1988, and then from Texas A&M University in 1993, with a degree in Environmental Design. He worked as an intern architect, and now teaches at Arlington's Martin High School.

For the most part, Dan paints, but a look around his studio will reveal works done in scratchboard, collage, fabric, even multimedia sculptures illuminated by Christmas lights.

Variety also describes style and subject matter. His style may range from very abstract to realistic, depending on what the piece calls for. His work also stretches from conceptual to literal. Within this variety, some subject matter and themes keep emerging—especially that of music. As an avid music lover and musician, Dan incorporates the feeling of rhythms of music into many of his pieces. Another favorites theme is the past: Dan makes paintings inspired by vintage photographs.

Dan lives with his wife and three children in Arlington, TX. In his spare time, he plays the drums in a jazz trio, Three if by Sea, and watches film noir.