Dan DarrHow much does a mural cost?
Every job is different—the cost depends on how large and detailed the work will be, or if there are any special considerations.  I usually meet with a client first to get an idea of what they are looking for, and then quote a flat fee for what the work would cost.  That way, the client knows exactly what it will cost before the work begins.  Sometimes the mural may take a little longer than anticipated, but I will not charge more than the price I quote.  More good news--I can always design something to fit your budget!

What kind of paints do you use?
I use high quality latex acrylic house paint, interior flat finish.  It does not have a strong paint smell, and is non-toxic. 

Should I paint a base coat on the wall?
In most cases, that is not needed.  If the existing color is dark, I may need to first paint the surface with a white primer so that the colors will show better.  

When it is finished, do I need to put a varnish or sealer over the mural?
In most cases I recommend not using a sealer because it adds sheen to the mural that makes the mural a little harder to see, and the sealer is usually not even necessary for protection.  Unless the mural is going in a location that is prone to frequent spills and messes, cleaning the mural is usually not a problem.  If needed, you can wipe the murals with a damp cloth once the paints are cured. 

How do we get started?
First I meet with clients and talk about what they would like for their mural.  Some people have very specific ideas, while others are happy to have me suggest something.   Then I make detailed preliminary sketches for the mural, and I quote a fee for what it would cost and how long it will take.  The fee will cover everything.  Once the design and fee are agreed on, I will set to work painting your one-of-a-kind artwork!

What if I want to take the mural with me if I move?
I have painted several murals on plywood or other substrates, then attached it to the wall.  Think of it as a very large, moveable painting!  So if you think you will want to take your artwork with you to another house, I can make it work.