Around the House

Who says art can't be practical? These projects feature art that serves a specific purpose, or art that decorates your house.

  • Painted Trays by Dan Darr

    Painted Wooden Trays. I hand-painted these ducks to create a unique set of wood trays.

    Mixed Media

  • Bauhaus-style coathooks by Dan Darr

    Coat Hooks. This is how Bauhaus-type people keep their coats off the floor. The shelf and the storage unit on the floor are both from Ikea.

    Mixed Media

  • Loft bed with shelves by Dan Darr

    Loft bed with shelves. One supporting end of the loft bed is a shelving unit. There is even a secret compartment at the top accessible from the upper bunk. On the backside of the shelves, I painted chalkboard paint to create a large-size chalkboard. The lower bed and frame are from Ikea.

    Mixed Media

  • Wall and ceiling scuplture by Dan Darr

    Wall and ceiling sculpture. Both designs use geometric forms, and project out from the surface, creating interesting shadows. Ceiling are often overlooked as a place for artwork! The lights and ceiling fans are by others.

    Mixed Media

  • CD box installation by Dan Darr

    CD Boxes. These multi-hued boxes are made using light-color wood stain, so you can still see the beautiful wood grain. They can be used to store your CD collection as well as for displaying kick-knacks and photos.

    Mixed Media